Tesla motors case analysis

As of December 31,Tesla has delivered overnew Model S vehicles worldwide, after its first shipment in June Elon Musk wanted Tesla to be a mass manufacturer of electric cars and becoming profitable meant that his goal was within reach. Tesla stores are designed and the staff members are trained to educate visitors about the product and customize the vehicle of their choice.

Even though its business has shown considerable profitability, Tesla needs to address the following threats to maintain resilience despite the changing conditions of the automotive industry: Owners must come back and swap again for their original battery.

Volume aside, Tesla paid much less on a per-vehicle basis than GM, simply by providing a software update procedure that has been on personal computers for more than two decades and mobile phones since before the BlackBerry.

Diverged from entrenched supply chains to develop technology in-house and lowered per-unit development costs for an industry-leading infotainment platform.

Not only did Tesla Chief Executive and Chief Product Architect Elon Musk demonstrate that convention could be defied, he did it in an industry with year-old traditions, norms, and processes. The inch diagonal display with touch screen makes for a very large assembly when removed from the dash.

But electric cars were quickly overtaken by the internal combustion engine. Software recalls are about to Tesla motors case analysis a major problem, one that will be expensive if this type of technology is not broadly deployed.

However, as identified in this SWOT analysis, there are various issues that the company must address to maintain its competitiveness and improve its profitability. Can it deliver on promises of a new luxury crossover with the Model X and a new high-volume EV competitor with the Model 3.

This SWOT analysis shows that the company has the strengths needed to maintain profitability in the long term. Finally, the company is in the market segment which is largely untouched and rapidly growing in terms of demand. Tesla has expanded to other parts of western and northern Europe, along with parts of Asia, including China.

Tesla has established benchmarks for infotainment system hardware, software flexibility, and manufacturing supply chain. Nowadays, Tesla Motors provides power train components for car producers, including Daimler and Toyota, designs and manufactures Model S Tesla.

Tesla would be pressured to increases the prices of its products to recoup the additional expenses. Continue or increase investments for product innovation.

Tesla Motors Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

It is also recommended that the business increase its marketing aggressiveness to increase its market share, especially in countries other than the United States.

However,Tesla being the first mover in the electric car industry has opened up the gate ways for other players to possibly develop the same technology in near future. This allowed the company to pursue the Blue Ocean Strategy by developing its in-house supply chain that allowed it to reduce the cost of the operations while on the other hand enabled it to produce high performance cars, which increased its market share and thus the overall image in the market.

Finally, Tesla motors founded inhaving limited operating history, lack of brand recognition and expertise in auto-manufacturing industry compared with well-established 10 company such as Ford or General Motors.

It sells vehicles across the world via online sites and showrooms in a number of countries including China, Australia, Europe, Singapore, Canada and Germany.

Tesla is a successful start-up that has become the leading edge company due its innovation ideas and good leadership management in car-manufacturing industry. There are likely several reasons for this spike: In and of itself, this is unusual, as we find that most automotive OEMs entrust and outsource the bulk of their head unit designs to third parties such as Harman Automotive, Panasonic, Alpine, Denso, Pioneer, and others.

As of mid-Junethe company has released all of its patent holdings, claiming that open-source innovation is more powerful than anything one company could do individually. Moreover, B2B platforms and market places have also given increased opportunities to the car industry that in turn increased efficiencies and reduced costs Kachaner, et al, 4 3.

The weakness is that it has limited market presence and its cars are highly priced compared to the fuel cars, that is causing difficulty in availing the opportunity for global sales expansion. Tesla outlook, deliveries fall short amid capacity constraints.

Thus, a recommendation is for the company to globally expand its operations. Manufacturing differences The system is clearly in a class of its own. Emerald, [online] 39 2pp. The company has a relatively high debt load.

And as a clean slate company, Tesla has had the advantage of developing an entirely new powertrain and supply chain without the hindrance of existing dealerships, physical plants, or inventory.

Weaknesses Burning Through Cash: There are likely several reasons for this spike: Located in arguably the center of the world for technological innovation, Tesla was able not only to construct its vision of mobility in Silicon Valley, but also recruit its employees from many of the leading technology companies to design and build the car there as well.

Tesla Motors SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

In order to achieve differentiation strategy, it is recommended to widen the range of models within premium and small premium vehicle segments that allow competing with other companies.

Despite the high sales of new Model S incompany continue to have lost over 70 million Appendix B because of the large sum of debt, the slow rate at which clients are buying Tesla motors and failure to achieve planned cost reductions and controlling operational cost.

Also, the company can improve its performance through diversification. Tesla Inc. (Tesla Motors Inc.) SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats), internal & external factors are in this automotive business management case study.

Tesla Motors brand covers the brand analysis in terms of SWOT, stp and competition. Along with the above analysis, segmentation, target group and positioning; the tagline, slogan & USP are covered. Strategic Analysis of Tesla Motors.

Darden School of Business Tesla Strategic Analysis 1. B.3 TESLA 1 2. Tesla Motors designs and sells high performance, super efficient electric cars. tesla case study Robert Korn. Tesla motors final presentation Jaime Jesús Borrero.

SWOT Analysis: Tesla Motors, Inc.

Tesla Motors Hiba Okba. Tesla motors ppt Derek Asare. Tesla Motors Case Solution Tesla Motors has also collaborated with Mercedes-Benz to build components of electric power train for Mercedes-Benz A-Class as Tesla was the first company to make all electric car with power train which in turn increased the range of the car up to km.

Running head: Business Strategy of Tesla Motors 1 Business Strategy of Tesla Motors A case study analysis Oluoma Arodiogbu Thomas Edison State College This preview has intentionally blurred sections.

Tesla Motors Case Solution,Tesla Motors Case Analysis, Tesla Motors Case Study Solution, Threat of substitutes: Threat of new substitutes is low in the automobile industry especially for Tesla Motors.

Tesla Motors is known to be the only compan.

Tesla motors case analysis
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