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Enter the second half, full of violent, unrestrained, tour de force of unleashed revenge. And a worthy watch too, thanks to its submission for Academy awards.

While Hae-won has been ignored her letters for years, Bok-nam considers Hae-won her only friend in the world. As a class of top students meets to take their mid-term, someone or something strange has joined them on campus.

Here are some freaky films from the Land of Morning Calm sure to fill your nights with terror. An aging actress wants to make her beauty immortal.

The only Korean horror film released over the summer ofit is the first feature by former music video director Chang, who also co-wrote the Mistrust, hallucination, paranoia, and more soon take hold with tragic results.

Naturally, things are not what they seem at this school, and its darkened halls are haunted by a vengeful ghost. When his daughter is taken by the monster, he and his family are forced to overcome their weaknesses to save her despite the callous negligence and disingenuous attitude of local authorities who invent a false viral outbreak story to cover up the truth and keep the population under control.

Recent films such as Gonjiam: Like many of the best zombie films, the threat comes as much from the inhumanity of human beings as from the zombies themselves. This film was the debut film for its three young actresses, as well as director Choi Well known for the demented and delightfully twisted Vengeance Trilogy, the director has a unique brand of brutal black humor.

The film plays fast and loose with the occult and supernatural traditions of different cultures and gleefully subverts genre conventions, giving the audience the same sense of unpredictability as Jong-goo. Some of the threats are supernatural while others are all too human, but all of them are worth watching with the lights off and a hot cocoa in your hand.

Thirst Bakjwi Sang Hyun- a respected priest nominates himself for human trials of a drug that can cure a dangerous virus. This list of the best Korean horror movies, some with pictures displayed, will help you find the one you are looking for.

What follows shifts from subtle social satire to psycho-sexual manipulation and revenge. If a particular favorite is not at the top of the list, go ahead and vote for your own favorite Korean horror movie to see it get raised to a higher spot.

The film combines cynical social commentary, flashes of humor and heart-felt performances with action sequences and waves of quick, ferocious undead.

Her introduction makes it geared toward psychological horror film. Bestseller Be-seu-teu-sel-leo Hee-soon, a writer shifts to a small town after being involved in a plagiarism scandal.

Three Extremes is one such movie which is a collection of three short films; Dumplings: The father brings the sisters to a secluded, yet gorgeous cabin by a lake. The acting is pretty amazing in this film as well.

Korean horror

One of its greatest strengths is a teasing of threats both human and supernatural. Protagonist Gang-du Song Kang-ho is lazy and alcoholic but loves his family and struggles to keep them together.

10 Great South Korean Horror Movies That Are Worth Your Time

Her deep feeling of resentment is cold enough to freeze the hot air that occurs during those months. He awakes to find two children sleeping nearby, but fails to wake them before leaving at his stop. Determined to solve the mystery behind the case, she gets on to get to the bottom and history of the tape and go back to a murder which could have avoided all other future ones.

Still, more than half of these films are not only horror movies, but just great films that are overall worth recommending. The film is inspired by a Joseon Dynasty folktale entitled "Janghwa Hongryeon But then, he starts coming back to his life as a vampire, thanks to some biological glitch.

A complete wreck, Eun-soo follows Young-hee to her home in the woods: A Tale of Two Sisters Inspired by an old folktale, this psychological supernatural horror film is notable for being the first South Korean horror film screened in American theaters.

They find their father quite distant and their stepmother cruel and seemingly unbalanced. Ye-go sal-in When your talent becomes your worst nightmare, how do you survive?.

A list of the Best Korean Horror Films, voted on by scary movie fans like you.

30+ Best Korean Horror Movies You Should Definitely Watch!

Are you wondering which Korean horror films are considered the best? This list ranks Korean horror films in order of most popular Korean horror movie to the least popular.

10 Great South Korean Horror Movies That Are Worth Your Time

South Korea has made its fair share of rightfully famous and influential horror movies but these are the best South Korean horror movies you haven't seen.

Pages in category "South Korean horror films" The following pages are in this category, out of total. This list may not reflect recent changes. Underappreciated Korean horror movies you missed David Tormsen @tormsen Summer is the season for horror films in South Korea, based on the simple notion that fear's chill takes the edge off the.

Based on the famous Korean fairy tale, “A Tale of Two Sisters” is probably my number one recommendation for South Korean horror film. Not only does Kim Jee-woon shoot this thing like a conventional horror flick, but does so with style and purpose that the movie is utterly engaging.

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Despite South Korea making less horror films compared to other genres listed above, I found it doable than making a list of comedy films.

So when my editor suggested the topic, I revisited and watched many South Korean horror .

South korean horror
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These 10 Korean Horror Films Will Keep You Up ALL Night Tonight