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As a species of hate propaganda, feminist literature is remarkably resourceful in the ways that these ideologues demonize — and otherize, as post-modernists might say — all males as the universal scapegoats on whom all evil is blamed.

A sociopathic thug who managed to shove aside every other rival to succeed Lenin as leader of the Bolshevik regime, Stalin turned his nearest rival, Leon Trotsky, into a scapegoated figure whose alleged conspiratorial perfidy was a permanent source of the paranoid suspicion necessary to the rationale of a police state.

He could have used more of a logical argument instead of an emotional one so that the reader could only feel pity for males.

So I said last year after finding myself amid that rabble. One can tell this approach is clear with the use of logical fallacies such as red herring, hasty generalization, straw man, and false dichotomy.

He never once commented on the men like him who maybe do take advantage of women in the work place. Limbaugh also discusses his input on how the two different sexes approach each other and how they react as a result. In the same year ofSenator J.

From dioxin to Whitewater, from Rodney King to Reaganomics, Rush Limbaugh has a finely honed ability to twist and distort reality. A psychiatrist might agree-and label it projection.

This process of attracting a woman has been mistaken as harassment. These guys didn't do anything, but we wish they had so that we could nail them.

The way he presents his argument could be responsible for the offensive impression the reader gets from this article. Someone from the group attended each workshop and tried to steer the discussion onto lesbianism.

Like Harvey Weinstein, this interest is belated. In this excerpt he also claims that women are not aware of their power, but it is recognized that women are the key leaders to starting what ever is in action.

Does this sound like a record of genocide. The role of heterosexuality as an institution of patriarchal control, and the potential of lesbianism for subverting male domination are made explicit.

Limbaugh also only mentions the extreme feminists. InGeorge Bush was president and was enjoying a 90 percent plus approval rating on the strength of our victories in the Persian Gulf War and Cold War.

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Mayor Daley's shoot-to-kill order was issued not at the Democratic Convention, but following the April 4, Martin Luther King assassination. As the fundamental instrument and the foundation unit of patriarchal society the family and its roles are prototypical.

If Professor Kitzinger is wrong, her errors are widely popular among her academic peers. Three year study of co-eds, and they used a benchmark of a bra size of 34C.

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InJosephine Dodge, the wife of a leading New York capitalist, formed the National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, urging women to influence policy through their influence on men.

Radical feminists have a clear ideology — a theoretical framework — which informs their rhetoric, and they have spend decades erecting this edifice of error, so that it is now deeply embedded in the belief system of elite academia.

A search of the Nexis database-while revealing no evidence of a Tufts study-did produce a number of women theorizing that the presence of large breasts caused a lowering of IQ in some males.

As a female reader I felt pity for the males that women ever assume are doing something untrustworthy.

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And frequently mixed business with pleasure. In a scene reminiscent of Sandra Fluke’s call for subsidized contraceptives in the United States two years ago, a feminist writer is demanding free tampons for women worldwide.

In her column in. A list about feminism misandry for anyone who thinks that feminism fights for men’s rights, for anyone who thinks that feminism was only a sexist movement starting from the third wave and for anyone who accuse the MRM of being a sexist movement, while still defending feminism.

The country knows Sandra Fluke as the beleaguered third-year Georgetown University Law Center student who has been criticized by conservatives — notably radio giant Rush Limbaugh — for her recent testimony about co-eds’ contraceptive needs before Congressional Democrats.

Jan 25,  · I am arguing against Rush Limbaugh's claim that feminism is an anti-male movement. He claims the feminist movement is not promoting equality for women, but rather creating a social divide between the sexes by interpreting normal male behavior as inappropriate.

He makes unfair overarching assumptions about an entire group based on limited evidence of a. Gloria Allred’s on the rampage time she’s going after Rush Limbaugh for what he said about Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke (even though he already apologized for his remarks.

Rush Limbaugh. For a better experience, The Massive Failure of Modern-Day Feminism. Oct 30, even with an apology in front of it made women mad. Complimenting or .

Rush limbaugh feminist front
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