Questionnaire for effect of sale promotion on consumer buying behavior for fmcg

Impact of package elements on consumer purchase decision. Even the most useful product or brand will be a failure if no one knows that it is available. A product should be packaged neatly so that quality, quantity and colour of the components does not decline thus it should be insulated from damage by rain, dust or insects.

Advertising Public Relations Sales Promotion Traditionally, sales Promotions have been used by marketer to increase sales in the short term. It works in conjunction with specific product advertising, which increases brand awareness that fills certain consumer needs.

British Food Journal, 8: Journal of Marketing Research, 36 3: Ego is the state of awareness which thinks of you as different from another.

Effect of Sales Promotion Activities on Consumer Buying Behaviour. A Case Study of Watanmal Group

This chapter concludes the study and presents summaries of recommendations and conclusions and its implications for further research work. In this case packaging provides opportunities to include anti-theft devices. British Food Journal, Learning Learning is very crucial in influencing the buying behavior of consumers, a consumer who has experience with a product either through previous usage or through gaining information through peers has already developed perceptions towards a product and if this consumer is not handled properly may course company misfortunes.

The deciders and the buyers mostly include the house wives who are the major buyers of FMCG products. Chapter Four Chapter four discusses and analyzes research data collection against the backdrop of the research objectives and also seeks to provide interpretations of the findings that would emanate from the data analysis.

Similar views are also expressed relating to the labeling of the products. Underwood however distinguished packaging elements as two blocks that is graphic elements which include typography, colour, shapes used, and images furthermore, structural elements which include size, form of the containers, and materials.

Using color as a cue on packaging can be a potentially strong association, especially when it is unique to a particular brand.

Effect of Product Packaging in Consumer Buying Decision

This approach emphasize that people are capable of controlling their life and therefore will make decisions that will enrich their personal goals to realize their self-fulfillments and personal growth.

According to Quazi consumerism is concerned with both the micro and macro consumerist issues. A good packaging should reflect the conditions in which the product should be sold.

We have used Purposive sampling in order to float the questionnaires. For instance, during our research, the choices of packaging colours are quite different between the West and Far East.

Furthermore, they believe that the consumers are properly guided by a label to use the product. An empirically based micro-economics. Following the economic recovery programme, structural adjustment programme and the subsequent trade liberalization, many companies in Ghana have had to face competition from overseas companies that are aggressive in promoting their products.


However Blanchard also notes that although high domestic income translates to higher demand and ultimately high imports, there is also an issue of price where consumers may buy foreign products or services because they bear a favourable price than that of domestic products or alternatively that the foreign goods may be attractive than those manufactured locally.

International Small Business Journal, 19 1: This research therefore seeks to assess the effect of sales promotion activities on consumer behaviour.

Innovation Silayoi and Speece highlight that technology developed for packaging comes from the current trends in products and consumer behaviours. There are many ways in which packaging can add value.

Consumer Behavior: How People Make Buying Decisions Consumer behavior considers the many reasons why—personal, situational, psychological, and social—people shop for products, buy and use them, and then restaurants can tell which marketing avenues are having the biggest effect on their sales.

Some businesses, including a growing. To study the impact of television advertising on buying behavior women consumer.

Effect of Advertising & Promotion on Consumer Behavior

To study the advertising strategies adopted by companies of FMCG products to reach women consumers. Internet Shopper Survey Template offers questions to determine academic study benchmarking internet use and shopper profiles and behavior.

QuestionPro questionnaire sample has questions that consider each aspect of internet shopping behavior a respondent.

• To identify the most influential tool of sales promotion on consumer buying behavior. Unbiased response to the questionnaire H4- Buy one get one free Offer has a significant impact on consumer buying behavior in FMCG.

Sales promotion should be implemented in a well planned manner.

The Effect of Consumer Behaviour in Marketing of an Organization

Fmcg preference questionnaire 1. “A STUDY ON CUSTOMER PREFERENCE TOWARDS SELECTED FMCG WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO COIMBATORE CITY” QUESTIONNAIRE1. Brand loyalty will influence the buying behaviour of consumer of 74 luxury branded goods Income level will moderate the buying behaviour of consumer of

Questionnaire for effect of sale promotion on consumer buying behavior for fmcg
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(PDF) Effect of Product Packaging in Consumer Buying Decision