Logical database design for hr management system

Reasons to do this include the following: These tasks are discussed in the sections that follow. The first step is to create an estimate for the cost of a project. The level of each employee in this entity would be the current level held by the user. Post — condition If the use case was successful, the net pay is automatically calculated and saved into the database.

There are stages where mistakes in the requirements can be corrected. One output of the logical design is a set of entities and attributes corresponding to fact tables and dimension tables. The design of the front end to the database with possible dissemination devices such as the use of a web-based front-end, wearable computers, Palm PCs, digital mobile phones etc is discussed.

In relational databases, an attribute maps to a column. An attendance record can also be generated.

Database Design Tutorial: Learn Data Modeling

Brief Description This use case allows the payroll admin register new and existing employees. By creating a separate level for each user based on their status in the company, this entity establishes the hierarchy of users within the database.

In the design phase, I mapped out a conceptual model of what my database will contain. For example, decisions taken during physical for improving performance, such as merging relations together, might affect the structure of the logical data model, which will have an associated effect on the application design.

Notethe genius of a database is in its design. The Human Resource department will use this system to replace the current manual system. The physical implementation of the logical data warehouse model may require some changes due to your system parameters--size of machine, number of users, storage capacity, type of network, and software.

Database Design Tutorial: Learn Data Modeling

There is no automation of attendance management. Certainly, as prices come down for these technologies, more companies will implement these tools Rogus, By beginning with the logical design, you focus on the information requirements without getting bogged down immediately with implementation detail.

Star Schemas The star schema is the simplest data warehouse schema. Translate global logical data model for target DBMS It includes operations like the Design of base relation, derived data and design of enterprise constraints.


An ERD is logical design. The table-column logical schema is independent of any physical implementation. From the tables, columns (even indexes), you cannot determine anything about the physical infrastructure that supports that database.

SAP HR – Logical Database SAP Logical Databases are special ABAP programs that read data from database tables. We can use logical database in a executable program by just specifying the name of the logical database in the program attributes.

Logical Database - PNP, PCH, PNPCE

Im New ABAP HR, I would like to know about the logical databases we are using. Logical Database - PNP, PCH, PNPCE, basic principles.

Definition of a Logical Design

If any body cud let me know about the differences, requiremnts, associated with these Logical databses will. Database Design (wikipedia) excerpt: Database design is the process of producing a detailed data model of a database.

This logical data model contains all the needed logical and physical design choices and physical storage parameters needed to generate a design in a Data Definition Language, which can then be used to create a database. Office of Personnel Management Human Resources Line of Business Data Model version 1.

INTRODUCTION. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) launched the Human Resources Line of or shared service centers design their physical data structures and their databases.

Tasks of a Database Administrator

Future physically implemented in a database. The logical model includes. Database Design is the process of designing the database, developing and implementing and maintaining the enterprise data management systems.

This design has the data model for a database written in data definition language with the physical and logical storage parameters which is .

Logical database design for hr management system
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Database Design Tutorial: Learn Data Modeling