Examiner tips for igcse history

Support every point of analysis you make with a relevant fact or two from your memory, or a reference to a quote from another source. For example, a recent question once placed the candidates in the shoes of Woodrow Wilson, requiring you to write how he would react to a particular source.

Unexpected exam hero No 1: You are not trying to answer a particular question — just telling the examiner what you know about the topic in the question. Join the Guardian Teacher Network for lesson resources, comment and job opportunitiesdirect to your inbox.

Philip Ingram Our Price: All you have to do is write down what the source is telling you about the person or situation mentioned in the question. Academia Blogger does not accept liability for any damage caused by this article. However it's not like net-school.

Briteschool you can see teacher and only pay as you go really Academia Blogger does not accept liability for any damage caused by this article. In this, the vast majority of past marking schemes have suggested the inclusion of three main items in the answer: I cannot say the same for the examining process.


Read each of them and then test yourself by taking the quiz at the end of this website. For developing one point, you may be awarded an additional mark for that point. In our case, it suited what we were looking for. DD hated real school but feels very positive about Interhigh and feels a sense of belonging.

Aaron Wilkes Our Price: What is the spirit or big message of the publication. A set of questions follow, asking you to comment on particular sources and compare sources with one another.

These are called evaluative questions because they try to get you to explain something, give reasons for something, or give your opinion on something. Make sure which command words are associated with each of the four skills.

You are awarded 1 mark for explaining a relevant point and an additional mark for explaining and analysing that point fully, which means that potentially you can gain 2 marks per point.

Make sure you link your information back to the question. While answering the parts leading up to the main question, some key principles should be kept in mind: For your judgement at the end, make sure that you give reasons to support your decision.

You need to provide a balanced argument. Don't write a list when an explanation is asked for. You pick two to answer. The provenance is written bellow the source in italics, and describes the origin of the source.

Final advice before iGCSE Biology paper 1 tomorrow

DD loves her English teacher, who has been extremely encouraging. Examiners do not always understand your mother tongue so will not know what you are trying to say if you use a term which is culturally significant for you.

Then go on to answer the question. You will be expected to spend much longer writing an answer to a question worth eight marks rather than three. It gets worse; there are gangsters out there. Read the question carefully and identify the key words or phrases that will get your answer up from Level 3 to Level 4.

Every question will entail evaluating sources in particular directions. The questions and activities are suitable for students of varying abilities and a range of written and visual sources encourage student involvement.

It could be about an event eg Describe the events of which led to the Anschluss or some key terms eg In relation to the peace settlement ofwhat is meant by i mandates; ii plebiscites. The higher level you achieve in your answer, the more marks you will get.

Answer Structures

There is one question at the end that asks you to entertain an overall issue using all the sources provided on that paper. There is also additional material on women and Ireland. Feedback, suggestions and ideas may also be conveyed through this medium.

In blog 9 in our series aimed at students studying distance learning French IGCSE or distance learning Spanish IGCSE, an Oxford Open Learning distance learning tutor gives tips on how to succeed in oral exams.

When you are preparing for your IGCSE speaking exam, it’s definitely worth bearing in mind that it will be recorded and sent to a marking examiner whose job it is to listen to. The examiner reports for the Cambridge Int'l AS/A Level June session have been added.

Cambridge O Level and IGCSE examiner reports will be added shortly. The June papers for most of Cambridge Intl AS/A Level, Cambridge O Level, and Cambridge IGCSE Subjects have been added.

EXAMINER TIPS for IGCSE Biology How to use these tips These tips are based on some common mistakes made by students. They are collected under various subheadings to help you when you prepare for your examinations/5(6). • Be aware of which formulae you will be given and which you will need to learn before the exam • Make sure that your calculator is set to degree (deg) mode before you enter the examination.

• In reading graph questions it is very important that you make sure that you are reading the scales correctly. The author has an A* in French and Spanish IGCSE, % in Italian GCSE, 96% in French A-level and 97% in Spanish A-level. Guidelines on how to give what the examiner is looking for; Tips to avoid the most common mistakes; He is now studying History at Pembroke College, Cambridge University.

His proven knowledge of exactly how to succeed. tips on how to answer exam questions cie igcse history - tips on how to answer exam questions cie igcse history paper 1 (core material) how to answer part (a) of a question [4 marks] this question is purely knowledge-based; no analysis is at all olivierlile.com english language reading paper.

Examiner tips for igcse history
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