Enterprise architecture as strategy

How can - and should - enterprise architecture be helpful when outsourcing. The implication of maturity of EA in an organisation is that newly developed EA have a high percentage of IT investment in local applications.

There are 4 stages as follows: EA provides the building blocks that enable and Organization to implement its Strategic Plan. Without both you are less likely to succeed with either.

Clearly, the business architecture needs to be characterized and described in both EA and BPM "languages" and tools.

Six Steps for Enterprise Architecture as Strategy

IT provides economic of scales without limiting independence. Understands appropriate tools to be deployed to create, extract, maintain, renew, and propagate business knowledge in order to capitalize from the information asset. The objective of EA is to ascertain, analyse and categorise, the scope of work, to shift an organisation from current state toward a desired business vision and outcome.

Enterprise Architecture as Strategy: Creating a Foundation for Business Execution

Estimates cost effectiveness, points of risk, opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses, with a critical approach. This is done by understanding the requirements both functional and non-functional that a completed project must achieve.

The data quality issues to which reference data is prone means that there should be central maintenance of it. See Appendix F for additional information about maturity frameworks.

How is Enterprise Architecture used to enable IT strategy in a business?

Contracting Following the selection of a service vendor, the process moves onto contracting. Obviously, the Internet is an ideal way of doing this. A company should first decide on its operating model and then implement the operating model via EA.

Providing a complete end to end solution, our engineers then write the code that integrates these systems together while utilizing our hands-on lab environments in the ATC to experiment, develop and test these advanced, innovative architectures.

An effective change is only attainable with a well planned exercise involving current and future state dependencies along with influencing the culture to adopt new methods. Enterprise Architecture as Strategy: Level 1 EA is conducted within the context of individual projects, by applying one-off principles and methods within those projects.

Enterprise Architecture

A work package does not necessarily have to result in the full "to be" or desired state. A means of accessing the central repository of reference data needs to be put in place. Good Enterprise Architects will assist you in understanding who the right strategic partner is.

Enterprise architecture is an organizational practice for conducting IT analysis, design, planning and implementation with a holistic approach all the time.

WWT’s consultants, advisors and engineers consistently work to design and deliver complex solutions, like enterprise architecture, for our customers that cut across infrastructure, data.

Our Mission To help your Digital Transformation journey through the use of Big Data & Analytics, Enterprise Data Management.

Enterprise Architecture As Strategy: Creating a Foundation for Business Execution

May 23,  · We view architecture as a strategic, rather than technical, exercise. A firm’s architecture describes a shared vision of how a firm will operate—thus providing a shared understanding of the role of IT. We have found enterprise architecture to be a critical tool for aligning IT and business strategy and for driving business value from IT.

Deliver on enterprise architecture and digital strategy goals. ABACUS supports global teams: import and centralize data in minutes, build models and roadmaps. A particular example is the emergence of the concept of the data lake, which according to TechTarget is "a large object-based storage repository that holds data in its native format until it is needed." A data lake is basically a storage platform that enables the organization to collect a variety of.

Enterprise Architecture As Strategy: Creating a Foundation for Business Execution

With their respective backgrounds in Enterprise Architecture and Project Management, the piece was written to draw out the linkages and opportunities for these disciplines to work effectively together and help drive business value through effective execution of strategy and projects.

Enterprise architecture as strategy
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